Standing Committees

• Education – Chair: Teresa Hamilton

• Membership – Co-Chairs:  Tierra Caldwell; Charleon Jeffries

• Women on Black Affairs (WOBA) – Co-Chair: Jennifer Campbell; Charima Young

• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Banquet – Chair: Carlos Wiley
• Humanitarian Service Award – Chair: Suzanne Adair

Special Committees

• Social – Chair: Ashley Adams; Andre Culbreath

• Marketing and Public Relations – Co-Chairs: Ashley Adams and Willie West

Standing Committee Duties


The Executive Committee shall (a) have general control of the affairs and program of the Forum subject to the authority of the Forum membership and the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws; (b) render a report containing the reports of all Standing and Special committees at the regular meetings of the Forum and whenever otherwise required; (c) approve the chairs of the various Standing Committees as appointed by the President at its first meeting following the election; (d) represent the general body in grievance procedures and in actions affecting the general membership body or individuals; (e) create Special Committees as needs arise; (f) fill all vacancies in Forum offices; and (g) decide matters of Forum policy subject to endorsement by the Forum membership.


The Education Committee shall (a) be the center of education on issues, programs, and policies affecting the mission of the Forum; (b) stimulate interest in the Forum; (c) be informed regarding conditions affecting the Black community at the University and the larger community; (d) study and disseminate information to members of the Forum, the University, and the general public regarding issues, programs, and policies affecting the Black community; and (e) work closely with other organizations and groups in developing educational and cultural programs which reflect the accomplishments of the Black community. 

MLK Banquet

The MLK Banquet committee shall be chaired by the Past President, with the President-elect and the Treasurer also serving. At least three (3) other members shall also serve. The committee shall plan and implement an activity to take place annually on January 15th and shall, within the limits of the resources of the Forum, provide the community with an activity which duly commemorates the life of Dr. King.


The Women on Black Affairs Committee shall coordinate activities that directly pertain to the advancement of Black women at Penn State.

Humanitarian Service Award

The Humanitarian Service Award Committee shall seek nominations to honor a person who has provided outstanding service to African American citizens of Pennsylvania , especially at Penn State or the Centre Region. The committee will be chaired by a former president of the Forum and include at least three additional former presidents. If a suitable candidate is identified, the Humanitarian Service Award shall be presented at the MLK Banquet.


The Membership Committee shall (a) work throughout the year to maintain and increase the membership of the Forum; (b) be responsible for planning and organizing the annual membership campaign; (c) be responsible for soliciting new members and for securing renewals of memberships; and (d) report at regular Forum meetings the number of members in good standing and status of Committee efforts to maintain and increase membership.


The Nominating Committee shall meet promptly to select candidates for Forum offices: President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, with no more than three (3) candidates for any office. The Committee shall then present a slate of candidates, in writing, at the regular April meeting. The Forum membership may modify the slate by majority vote, not to exceed three (3) candidates for any office. No members shall be nominated without their consent.

Special Committees

The President or Executive Committee may appoint Special Committees as the need arises. All members of Special Committees must be Forum members in good standing (Affiliate members of the Forum may be members of Special Committees, though not chairs). Special committees in the past include Social, Student Liaison, Community Outreach, Campus Articulation, Public Relations, and Web.